Our Mission

New Joaquín is a Community Development Corporation organization that seeks to create and reimagine existing and new public spaces that can foster the growth of small businesses and community hubs in Stockton that celebrate and center people, culture, and art.

The Board

Jesús Andrade

Board Director

Martín Sanchez

Board Member

Eddie Lira

Board Member

Lorie Liddicoat

Board Member

Mahala Burns

Board Member
Our Plan?

Theory of Change

There are four (4) focus areas that the proposed CDC will prioritize

Small and Microenterprise Business Incubation & Support Redeveloping old commercial corridors and districts with locally grown businesses. There are lots of commerce happening in Stockton, but there are not adequate properties and facilities to capture this activity in specifically designed places where this commerce can positively impact a neighborhood. Arts & Placemaking The arts bring life to a community; they create a sense of belonging and identity through the works of local artists. Stockton is one of the most diverse cities in the nation and this is something that should be shared with the world through our art and creative energies. Community Organizing & Advocacy To reinforce the vision of New Joaquín CDC and promote the voice of the local community across all sectors of the city, there must be the formation of hubs of community power through organizing and advocacy. Real Estate Development & Revitalization The city and its neighborhoods provide a great structure (bones) in terms of properties and connectivity. Can these areas be reinvested into and bring liveliness through redevelopment in key areas in Northside, Eastside, Southside, Midtown, and Downtown. Residents deserve places to gather and build community with each other.